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Junior Soccer

Game Scheduling Preferences

  • Under day boxes, place the number 1 on days your team can play.
  • If you can play but prefer other days, please place a 2 on that day.
  • Place an X in any days you cannot play.
  • Also place an X in any time boxes your team cannot attend.

Note: All teams must play some 4.50pm games or 6.00pm games. If unable to play these games you will have to discuss this matter with management.


By submitting this form, I do hereby agree on behalf of myself and my team members to accept and play by the rules and to conduct ourselves as fair and decent sports for the duration of the season. We also agree to pay a game fee forfeit fine should our team fail to arrive for any scheduled game without first giving at least 1 week prior notice. I have ensured I am familiar with the stadium policy (available at reception).